Welcome to Yenter Companies

Yenter Companies Inc. is the Drilling and Blasting, Soil and Rock Stabilization authority of the West. Yenter Companies is an employee-owned company. We have been in business in the Western United States for over thirty years, working primarily in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, Nevada, California, Arizona, South Dakota and Montana. We can and will go wherever our clients need us!

We specialize in Drilling and Blasting, Rock and Soil Stabilization, Rock Bolting, Soil Nailing, Rock-fall Mitigation, Shotcrete, Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Walls, and Micropiles.


Providing Solutions We own and operate a diversified fleet of Hydraulic Rock Drills, as well as specialized casing drills, blasting and stabilization tooling and equipment. Yenter Companies has the equipment and personnel to meet any challenge. Our Professional Engineers offer the in-house design-build capability to evaluate geotechnical problems, design and then construct a solution customized to our clients’ specific needs.  We work year-round, in urban and rural environments with one goal: to provide individualized design/build solutions to fit our client’s budget and time requirements.

Response Time Our extensive resources of experienced constructors and fleet of specialty equipment enables a quick response time. This is just one element that distinguishes us from the competition. We can go anywhere and do any job with speed, precision and safe practices.

Safety Safety is critical to our operations. Working safely is both our means and our end. Safety is the action we live by. Through careful planning, internal monitoring and consistent training, we maintain compliance with a maze of federal, state and local laws and regulations. Every one of our employee owners is empowered as Safety Director. Our safety mission: To maintain a working environment and a mindset on all of our projects that protects Yenter’s owner-employees, our customers and our projects.

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